Increase conference attendee numbers by streaming online to a global audience. Clarius is your reliable partner for webcasts and webinars throughout Europe to show live events via ad hoc web pages, your Facebook page, Youtube channel or your company website. During our webinars users can freely interact with speakers online and physical distance is no longer a barrier. Alternatively they can opt for on demand services if they are unable to attend a live educational event.

Our services include:

One partner for different events and locations.

Have one partner for all the events you organize in Europe, with the best quality and graphic level and with fast delivery times.

Tailor made graphics

Each lecture is filmed and edited strictly following your brand guidelines. The template of the videos will doubtless get the design, and general look-and-feel of your company’s branding.

Relying on professionals

When it comes to the corporate or institutional image, you cannot afford do-it-yourself solutions that risk running badly. Clarius takes care of your webinar in every way, from the technical requirements to the preparation of the necessary bandwidth so that everyone can join the event at the highest possible quality, from the graphics to the preparation of the speakers and their possible remote locations.
All you need to do is think of the content, Clarius takes care of everything else.


The Tutorials created by Clarius for its Customers are not simple videos, but up-to-date interactive video-guides that illustrate how to manage sophisticated devices or perform surgical techniques and work processes. They are state-of-the-art tools that guarantee the uniformity and capillarity of information anywhere in the world.

Among our services:

For more information or for a customized project, contact us on info@clariusmed.com